Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Weekend

This weekend, Lily met a new friend, Luke, at his first birthday party. It was a super fun and very cute party. Luke is so adorable! Josh used to work with Luke's dad, Javier, at the Casino. He and his wife, Katie, are super nice. Javi's family is Mexican, so Luke's grandmother got a pinata and put a few Mexican candies in it. One of them was this chile watermelon sucker. It looked like they took an innocent sucker and rolled it in all sorts of spices. I tasted one, and Josh ate almost half of one. It was definitely different. After the party, we went over to Scott and Vicky's and watched the LSU game with Vicky and the girls. We finally had a chance to get a couple of pictures of the three of us as a family. Notice the matchy clothes at the party and the LSU colors for the game? I was so surprised that Josh went along with that. He will usually change clothes if I happen to put on something that matches him.

Another big event happened this weekend! Little Connor FINALLY got to come home!! I haven't gotten to talk to Victoria much since then, but I know the are doing well. When I tried to call her, she was sleeping. I'm trying not to bother her, but I also don't want her to think that I'm not thinking of her. Anyway, we're all glad that Connor is finally home where he belongs.


Jamie said...

Lily looks so cute (you and Josh do, too)! We've got to come out there and visit so Sara can meet her future BFF and so Buck can scare the snot out of Allison. She still has dog issues.

Holly said...

I got a good laugh at the part about Josh changing clothes when y'all match a little, maybe Lily is softening him up.

I know what you mean about the crazy mexican candy. I had a few Mexican students at Tara and one of them brought me this crazy chile corn sucker. I put it in my desk and forgot about it, then another student saw it in my desk and asked if they could have it. I let them have it and when I saw there face when they took a bite, I was glad I hadn't eatten it.

Clare said...

Lily is so stinking adorable. I want to squeeze her. You have such a cute family. All of you look so pretty. Josh too. :) I can't wait to hug everyone.

That's funny about the changing clothes. I guess he doesn't want to be one of those cheesy matching families. You know, the ones where mom and baby wear matching outfits and the daddy wears a coordinating color to go along with it all. Never buy the "mommy and me" matching outfits. That's going too far.

Daniel said he's had the mexican suckers. Quite a few. Though, when I asked if he liked them, he immediately shook his head no and gave me a weird face. :)