Sunday, April 26, 2009

Problems and Solutions

At the moment, I'm trying to coordinate my class' Pre-K Graduation. The Caps and Gowns we are using are at least 10 years old I'd say, so the have a few problems. The main problem is that only about 5 of the caps have tassels. I went to a few stores to try and buy some, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I could order them, but I had to have them for pictures last Wednesday and there wasn't time. I figured what the heck, I'll just make something. This was my solution.....What do you think? I think it looks cute and the Photographers' assistant even complimented them on Wednesday, not knowing I had made them. Yay me!

Lazy Blogger Continued

This is a continuation of the post below, so go read it first!

As I was saying, Lily won't get off her butt to help her Daddy clean up around the yard. All she wants to do is swing!

The other day, I walked into the living room and caught Lily watching "The Hills" of all things. She was so caught up in all the fake drama. I just hope she doesn't start saying the word "like" fifty times in one sentence. (I've gotta admit, if I'm channel flipping and I come across this idiotic show, I do stop and watch it....I guess it is a guilty pleasure, but I am so ashamed!) What's your guilty pleasure? Come on, you can admit it here.

Last weekend, we were very cultured and went to see on Off Broadway play. When I say "Off Broadway", I mean WAY Donaldsonville! Alexis and Ashlyn were in their school's production of Annie. Alexis actually had a speaking part as one of the orphans. I was really surprised at how good it was. I was enjoying it, but unfortunately someone in the audience decided to stink up the joint! Being a school gym, there really wasn't anywhere to change her, so we just headed for the car. The play was about half over by then, but I really hated to miss the end. I've always loved Annie! Lily even got her picture taken with one of the orphans, her cuz Ashlyn!

Lazy Blogger

OK, OK, I'm finally getting around to posting some things I've been meaning to post for a long time. I take pictures all the time with the intent to do a post about them, but it takes so long sometimes to upload pictures that I just put it off over and over. So, without further ado, here are some pics and very short recaps of what's going on with us.

First, here's the diaper bag I made for Stacy. I'm pretty proud of it because it's the first time I attempted to make a flap thingy that goes over the bag. It really wasn't hard at all, but I wasn't sure if I could do it. I think the bag turned out cute and Stacy seemed to like it. If you guys know anyone who needs a bag made, give them my info! I'm planning on getting a booth in the fall at the Rhea Lana Children's Consignment Event. I can't wait.

These next pics are of Lily and Lyndon at the Spray Park here in Gonzales. I wasn't sure if Lily was going to like it or not, but after a few minutes, she started to warm up to it and started playing in the water. Lyndon seemed more hesitant this time than he was when we took him last summer. This time he DID get a large bucket of water dumped on his head though. That might've had something to do with his hesitation.

Recently, Josh and I have begun to work on the landscaping around the front of our house. The previous owners planted some ivy and ferns that are completely taking over the front of the house. We have tried to keep them in check, but they are just too overwhelming, so we decided to just get rid of everything and start over. Josh has been doing most of the work, since Lily won't get off her butt and help!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Thanks everyone for the tips and words of encouragement about getting Lily to crawl. I know they say that not all babies crawl, but I don't know any who didn't, ya know? Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that I think she's on the verge of crawling afterall. This weekend she's been getting all over the livingroom floor. She's pushing herself with her feet (still not up on her knees, but who cares) and spinning around like crazy! I guess now is a good time to try to baby-proof, right? ha ha. Take care everyone and I promise I'll post more pics soon, but for now enjoy her Easter pic.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lily Lately

Lately, we've learned that Lily LOVES pickles...almost as much as I do. The first time I let her taste one (cruelly trying to get one of those puckered faces out of her) she loved it and got mad when I took it away. What can I say, like mother, like daughter.

Lily also loves pancakes. On my birthday last month, Josh made pancakes for breakfast. He thought it would be cute to make some tiny pancakes for Lily. She tore them up!

We have also discovered that Lily likes to play in laundry baskets. Go figure. How many of us didn't do that as a child.

Oh, by the way, the seperation anxiety, I only want Mommy phase has kicked in! As I'm sure most of you know, it's pretty sweet at first and makes you feel like a real Mommy, but it really stinks when you have to get away from them.

Anybody got any tips for getting miss lazy bones to crawl? She lays on her belly and "swims" but doesn't get on her knees and crawl. She gets all of the room by rolling around and arching her back. Not that I'm anxious for her to be getting into everything, but I don't want her to be laying around all her She's 8 months old now, should I even worry about it at all?

Happy Easter Everyone!