Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've been tagged

I am: really tired....just finished a full day of work with a three hour class afterward.
I think: i have the best husband in the world...he takes care of Lily so I can go to class every week (he even bathes her by himself!)
I want: to sleep for a million hours.
I miss: my college years, many friends, and lazy Saturdays before Lily came along.
I fear: I won't be the kind of wife and mom that my family deserves
I feel: congested *sniff sniff*
I hear: the TV in the next room.
I smell: nothing because of the congestion.
I crave: Raising Cane's
I cry: when I feel helpless, over whelmed, or just sad.
I usually: sit quietly in the corner at gatherings
I search: for my shoes every morning.
I wonder: if Lily will sleep well tonight.
I regret: not keeping in touch with my friends better.
I wish: I didn't have to worry about money.
I love: my awesome family.
I care: about what others think of me.
I always: tell my husband I love him before going to sleep, leaving the house and getting off the phone.
I worry: less about work stuuf than I did before Lily.
I am not: good at small talk
I remember: the good times
I believe: in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
I don't always: do what I know should be done.
I argue: rarely
I write: in print usually because I teach pre-K and have to model correct form for my kids.
I win: games against preschoolers (unfair advantage???)
I lose: poorly
I listen: to silly made-up stories everyday.
I don't understand: why some parents don't give their kids the time of day.
I can usually be found: at work or at home with my family.
I need: constant reassurance.
.I forget: plenty
I am happy:I found such a great man and God gave us a beautiful baby.


Jamie said...

That is definitely you.
Isn't it funny how having a baby changes everything and everything in the world (like work) just isn't the same or as important anymore. Those little babies just fill up everything in your life and push everything else aside. After a while, it feels like they've always been a part of you and you can't really remember not having them.

Clare said...

Tru dat Jimmie Sue.

I miss you Erika. I try to keep in touch with you. :)

I know you're a wonderful wife and mother. :)

Holly said...

I miss you, too. I really like this tag, reading it has reminded me why I love you and Clare and Jamie so much! You are such a sweet caring person; Lily and Josh are so lucky to have you. Be blessed ;)

Jessica said...

Where do you teach pre-k? I bet you are great at it.

Erika said...

I teach pre-K at a daycare right now. One day I hope to go back to school and actually get certified to teach it so that I can teach at a school. I really love it. I wish I'd know that when I was actually in school so that I could have pursued Early Childhood instead of Elementary ED.