Saturday, April 17, 2010

Realm of the Tiger

How awesome is that?? Today we got to go to the Grand Opening of the Realm of the Tiger exhibit at the BR Zoo. It was pretty neat. They even opened a new walk through Aviary with some interesting birds. Lily had a blast. I sat her down to get her face painted, but all she got was a black nose. She wouldn't let the girl paint her tiger whiskers.
Watching the Elephant Show

All she kept saying was "hey goat, hey goat, hey goat!" She loved getting to pet and brush the goats.

Ham and Cheese (Chuck E.)

Earlier this week, Lily and I drove to St. Francisville to meet my baby sis Gabby. She and Lyndon were down from Illinois and we wanted to take the opportunity to bring her all of Lily's outgrown clothes for her little baby on the way. Sophie is due in July! Can't wait!!!
Since the McDonald's we met at doesn't have a playground anymore the kiddos turned the back of my car into their own play place! Earlier this month, Clare, Daniel, Jezebel, and bellybaby Norman all drove down from Colorado. We took the opportunity to get all the peeps and kiddos together again. The kids had fun running around and we got to enjoy each others company. It was great to see you girls and your families!!

What a little ham!!


This year we had plenty to do for Easter. On the Wednesday before Easter, Lily's class had their party and Easter egg hunt. She came home with PLENTY of candy and treats! She and I had the day off on Good Friday so we spent most of the day baking and decorating sugar cookies for the Easter Egg Hunt we attended at the McKinney's house. It was a blast. On Easter Sunday, after church we went for some family time at Josh's Grandmother's house in Plattenville. It was a very busy weekend for us, but so much fun!