Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This post is a little behind and I have no real excuse for that, so just deal with it!! The Monday after we came back from Vidalia for Thanksgiving, Lily decided that she would start rolling over. That morning, I found her in her crib on her tummy when I had placed her on her back the night before. Later that evening, she was lying on the floor playing with her toys and decided that she would roll from her tummy to her back. So, she learned to roll both directions in one day. Or maybe she was just saving up that trick to spring them both on me at the same time.
The next picture is of Lily and her "first boyfriend". Just kidding. This is a boy in her class, Micah. They are JUST friends, she tells me.

This is a picture of Miss Lily trying something other than milk and cereal for the first time. She likes squash. We have since found out that she isn't a big fan of carrots. Enjoy the pics and we'll post more after Christmas. Everyone take care and try not to eat too much yumminess! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day!

Ok, so I was about to leave for work this morning and I had no clue that it was snowing. Josh and I didn't know until his brother called and told us. We went outside and lo and behold it was pouring down from the heavens. I along with most south Louisianians have never seen snow of this magnitude in our own back yards. What a special treat. I only wish that I had children old enough to play in it. Hopefully one day it will snow again so Lily and I can play in it together. By the way, sorry I've been neglecting my blog......it's either neglect the blog or neglect the baby. Did I make the right choice?? ha ha Enjoy the pictures!