Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Is anyone else having a severe problem with mosquitos or is it just us out here in the boonies?? We had to cover Lily's crib with a mosquito net because the poor thing got ate up one night. Her whole little face and both hands were covered in little bites. They had a feast on my sweet little baby. I felt like such a bad mommy when we went places last weekend, because she was covered in bites. What could I have done though? I didn't know they had snuck into our house and were attacking her while we slept. At least she couldn't scratch them, so they didn't really seemm to bother her much. Lily likes to pretend that she is a missionary in Africa, sleeping under a malaria tent! Anyway, the bites are better now, but she got shots this week and just caught a nasty cold. Poor thing.


Jamie said...

Aaaaaaaaaw, poor little African missionary. We get mosquito abatement out in the dirty DS so we don't have too many mosquitos.

Holly said...

That stinks. We've had a nasty cold over here at the Bonnette house, too. When Kailey was almost a year old, mosquito got her real bad all over the head. I know what you mean about going out with them like that; I felt like people were gonna think I was a bad mother, too.

I like the African mosquito net, good idea. We try to remember to keep Kailey and Eli's doors closed during the day so that they can't get in.

Clare said...

...we don't have mosquitoes here. Oh wait...I saw a few a couple of weeks ago in a neighboring town.

I'm sure we do have mosquitoes here, but compared to the big bubba mosquitoes swarming daily in Louisiana, their insignificant size and numbers do no bother me here.

Jessica said...

bart wears whatever i pull out for him...if i pull something out. otherwise, we won't match b/c he will be in an LSU teeshirt...hands down.
your pictures are very cute, BTW.
and mosquitoes, well, they aren't really a problem in omaha...it's the spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!