Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Gustav "Adventure"

Connor Lee Butler
Lyndon peaking under Lily's shirt (ha ha)
Lily with her Aunt Tori
Lily with Aunt Tori and Aunt Gabby

First of all, we don't have too much to complain about after enduring the wrath of Gustav. We went to Vidalia Friday afternoon, had a lovely weekend, took some family portraits, and decided to come back to town on Sunday afternoon (against my families wishes). Josh wanted to go stay at his parents' house in Donaldsonville during the storm so that we would be closer to our house in case there was any damage and we needed to go salvage our belongings. I agreed with him and I think we both just wanted to see exactly what happened during the storm. Foolish, right? Well anyway, we stayed at his parents' house Sunday and Monday night. Of course Monday night there was no power and we were miserable. So we decided to get up early (who could sleep anyway) on Tuesday morning and go check on our house. I meanwhile decided that I was going back to Vidalia with or without my beloved husband. I didn't want Lily (or myself for that matter) to be suffering in the heat indefinitely. Thankfully Josh decided to come with me. We were very lucky and had absolutely no damage to our house. Some big limbs down in the yard like everyone else, but that was the extent. So we spent the rest of the week in Vidalia. One of the few good things that came from the whole ordeal was that my youngest sister, Gabby, and her son Lyndon were in town from Illinois so we got to spend time with them. On Thursday, Gabby, Lily, and I went to Shreveport to visit our middle sister, Victoria and her son Connor. Victoria hadn't gotten to meet little Lily yet because Connor is still in the NICU. He was born at 25 weeks back on June17. He was only 2lbs 13oz at birth but is now up to a whopping 5lbs 9oz. He should be coming home very soon and we can't wait. They are both supposed to come and visit us at the beginning of October if everything goes as planned.

Josh had an awesome time while we were in Vidalia because he got to play with Lyndon almost the whole time. I think they are each other's favorite playmates.

Anyway, when our neighbor called us on Thursday and said our power was back on, we decided to head on back this way.


clare said...

I'm glad you could hang out with your sisters. I know they were happy to see you and Lily. :)

I'm so happy that Connor is doing well. I hope he gets to go home soon.

Lyndon has gotten so big. I think it's cute he was taking a peak and Lily's belly. :)

Much love and hugs to everyone!

jessica said...

Tori looks exactly the same as I remember her. I hope little Mr. Conner gets to go home's amazing the things modern medicine can do for us...the miracles that happen.

Holly said...

I am so glad you posted pictures of the two boys. I'm glad to hear that Connor is growing and doing better. I hope Bicteria is doing well, too. We got some good family visits in too thanks to Gustav.

Jamie said...

I'm glad to see pictures of the boys, too. Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to get the family visits in. Thanks to Hurricane Gustav, Sara was able to visit Papaw for the first time. I sure hope baby Connor keeps on putting the pounds on and growing big and strong.