Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Friday Fever

It has begun already!!! Although it ultimately gives me major anxiety...fighting the crowds, searching the stores, etc....I LOVE Black Friday. I love looking at all the ads and trying to decide what I'm going to buy and which store has the best price. I just discovered this year that there's a website that has all the ads that have already been "leaked" so we don't have wait until Thanksgiving day to start forming our game plan!! I'm a little disappointed though because there doesn't seem to be too many deals that I "Must Have". There are a few things that we will go looking for, like movies, cheap pajamas, etc., but nothing major this year. It's still fun though. Check out the website and see what you're willing to get up before dawn, wait in line, and fight the crowds for this year. Or will you just skip it all together?

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