Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Bees Knees

Ok, so I was supposed to meet a friend today to pick up some fabric for a bag she wants me to make. We couldn't meet up, so she just dropped it off in the building where we work. Well, she called me afterward to tell me that there was a large swarm of bees in the driveway that followed her up to the building. When we got there (using another driveway) they weren't swarming anymore, but we could see a lot of presumably dead bees on the ground with a few flying just above them. When we looked up, we saw this huge group of them in the tree. I don't know where these little darlings came from, since the daycare was just open and full of people yesterday. I mean, people park directly under this low hanging branch.

We contacted our boss and hopefully this little issue will be taken care of before Monday, but could you imagine if it wasn't! I would feel really sorry for the ladies that open up the daycare at 6:00 in the morning. They probably wouldn't even see them coming!


Holly said...

I've never seen so many bees! I hope they take care of that.

Erika said...

Update: The bees were gone the next day when my boss went by. She said the same thing happened at her daughter's house. When the guy came to take care of the problem, he told her that if they'd waited at day or two they probably would've left on their own.....who knew??

Connor said...