Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project Pinata

Ok, so ever since I decided that Lily's first birthday party would have a ladybug theme, I've been debating over whether or not I would get a pinata. I wanted one, but I could find a cute one and I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for one. I kept thinking "maybe I'll just make one". But I really didn't want to get into the whole papier mache thing (we ended up doing papier mache all week with the kids at work anyway, but that's a whole other story). Finally, I spotted a "soccer ball" pinata at Target. I use the words "soccer ball" very loosely because it wasn't even a good soccer ball. Someone at work thought it was a eyeball. Anyway, I ripped all the white and black tissue paper off and got to work on it. Unfortunately, like so many of my projects I don't realize it's going to turn out cute, so I don't take a before picture. The first picture is after I ripped all the black and white off.

Then I covered it with red and black tissue paper to give me a background and to help me see what parts I wanted to be which color.
Finally, I cut strips of each color and fringed them. I layered them around the pinata, starting from the bottom. I really wasn't as difficult or time consuming as I thought it would be. I think it turned out super cute and it doesn't look too homemade at all. I'm really pleased with it. It's gonna be a shame to see her get smashed up.....especially since I gave her a name (big mistake). Can you guess her name? Maybe if someone guesses right, they'll get a prize! (hint: her name begins with the letter B)


Kristen said...

It turned out super cute!! I wish I was that crafty!

Jeni said...


Clare said...

very nice miss smarty pants :o) working smarter not harder?

Erika said...

LOL....good guess, Jeni, but no