Sunday, April 19, 2009


Thanks everyone for the tips and words of encouragement about getting Lily to crawl. I know they say that not all babies crawl, but I don't know any who didn't, ya know? Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that I think she's on the verge of crawling afterall. This weekend she's been getting all over the livingroom floor. She's pushing herself with her feet (still not up on her knees, but who cares) and spinning around like crazy! I guess now is a good time to try to baby-proof, right? ha ha. Take care everyone and I promise I'll post more pics soon, but for now enjoy her Easter pic.


Kristen said...


Holly said...

Lily is so cute in her Easter dress. You (or Josh?) did a good job on the photo, I like the background.

Clare said...

Super cute! I agree about the photo...very vibrant. I like that Lily pops against the colorful background. Very nice :)

Hooray for nearly crawling! Soon she'll be into everything. :)

Gabby said...

Such a cute pic! And I would defiently begin baby-proofing everything. Next thing you know she will be feeding Buck some kind of cleaning stuff. I'm so glad she is starting to try to crawl though. God help you now!

As for the comment you left on mine, you said it wasnt your scene so I didnt want to keep pushing it on you. I really wanted you to go though.