Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Smashed Twin Fingers!

Ok, so I brought my class inside for lunch this morning. They all lined by the girls' and boys' bathrooms respectively to wash their hands. The Director and I were just about to start serving the food onto their plates when Carter starts screaming over by the bathrooms. We both get over there quickly, just thinking that his shirt is closed in the door and he's just freaking out. Well, come to find out, the poor boy's fingers are closed in the door. He's screaming louder and louder and I go to open the door only to find out that the person inside has locked it. So, we're frantically trying to get the person inside to open it while searching for something to undo the lock from the outside. You have to stick a skinny paintbrush handle or a straightened paperclip through a little hole in the doorknob to pop the lock: none of which was readily available. Finally the person opens the door and it was his twin brother Hunter. All of that took place in just a few seconds.....don't worry, we didn't leave the poor boy stuck in the door for long.
Poor Carter has three smashed up fingers. They weren't seriously damaged, thankfully. The skin was pulled back on one of them pretty bad though. His aunt came and got him pretty quickly though. I don't know which boy I felt worse for though. Hunter was so upset that Carter was crying so much and that HE had caused it. He was almost in tears. He kept apologizing to Carter and trying to make him laugh. Carter knew it was an accident, but that didn't make him stop crying.
That whole incident reminded me of our 10th grade ACT attempt. Jamie and Holly arrived at the school to take the test and upon exiting the vehicle Jamie promptly slapped her finger in the car door. Instead of opening the door, she just ripped her finger out of it; thus ripping the skin off her finger. It was pretty gnarly looking. Perhaps it was just a ploy to get both of them out of taking the test, because they were both pretty anxious about it. But, what is it about you twins slamming fingers in doors??


Jamie said...

Poor boys! I can remember always crying when Holly would cry when we were little b/c I felt bad for her. I knew my parents thought that I was just doing it b/c Holly was getting attention and I wanted attention, too; but I really did just feel bad for Holly.
I assure you that I didn't smash my finger on purpose. Holly did make out pretty good with that whole situation though, she didn't have to take the test and she didn't have to suffer with a ripped up finger. Lucky dog.

Holly said...

If I were the one that smashed the fingers I would've definitely been crying. I'm impressed that he didn't. Poor guy with the smashed fingers.

I don't think I will ever forget the ACT day with the smashed fingers. I was definitely the lucky one that day.

Erika said...

Holly, maybe you telepathically forced Jamie to do that to herself. Maybe it was like you were in control of her body for a second and made her slam the door before moving her finger and that's why she jerked it out instead of opening the door. How cruel to set your sister up like that!