Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why is it so hard??

Why didn't anyone tell me that breastfeeding was so difficult. I know it's going to get better, but it can be so frustrating at times. All those pregnancy books make it sound so easy. I mean, I know my situation could be a lot worse. She latches on well, I'm not sore anymore, and she usually eats well. But I never know if she is eating enough. Then sometimes she eats too much or too fast and throws up all over both of us. I don't mean spit-up, she projectile vomits the entire contents of her stomach onto both of us. Then I get to start feeding her all over again because her little stomach is now empty and she's still hungry. Sometimes I think I've fed her enough and I can't get her to wake up enough to eat anymore, so I put her to bed. Only to be awakened twenty minutes later because she's still hungry. Somebody please tell me it will get better......SOON!


Jamie said...

That's exactly how Allison did! Most of the time, she was too sleepy to eat and too hungry to sleep. And she projectile vomited, too. It wasn't that "cute" little baby spit up that trickles down onto the bib and doesn't even make a mess. NO, it was the mommy/daddy-drenching gush of yucky mess that would cause you to have to change your shirt and pants, her clothes, and your sheets/clean the upholstery of your furniture or shampoo your carpet. It does get better. I know your pain.

Tara said...

Hi Erika and Josh!!!
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!!
Erika, in reference to your posting, the only thing I can say is: RELAX--it will get better!! I promise, before you know it you'll be a PRO!!
I must say that the seven months of feeding Abbey and Alise was the most rewarding experience of early motherhood. Yes, I to experienced those moments of waddling in vomit. I do know and understand your pain...the only difference... the volume of vomit...DRENCHED?! No we called it swimming!! You questioned why no one told you...come on... could anyone have prepared you or even put that experience into words (HA!) To be quite honest, I worked for six years in pediatrics..we're talking...day to day dealings with the most compromised and complicated infants/children and that was not enough to teach me or even remotely prepare me for the reigns of motherhood.
When you become concerned, I encourage you to focus on Lily's weight at her check-ups and use this (her continous growth and development) to put your concerns to rest. In my opinion, the picture that's posted is proof positive of your success. (OMG those cheeks!!)
If I may make a suggestion...if your feeding in a sitting or leaning over position, try lying down to feed her. Often times I noticed that if my milk came "down" too fast...10 minutes later we had better suit up!
Remember they have no concept of when to stop feeding. So the formula is:
no concept of control
over production of breastmilk=


I wish you both the best of luck with your new and most challenging quest in life.... Parenthood.
Remember....no matter how many books were read not one could ever teach you what LILY is going to!!!

Smile, keep your head up, and eyes open (this is the most difficult)because they grow up fast.

Love You ALL,

Michael, Tara,
Abbey and Alise