Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fur Baby

This post is dedicated to our "first born". Our little fur baby, Buck. We've had him for about two years now. He just had a birthday last month and he's three-years-old. While I was pregnant, we really worried about how Buck was going to handle having to share his Mommy and Daddy with this new little stranger. I'm happy to report that he seems to be handling it pretty well so far. He does get a little jealous when his Daddy isn't paying him attention or when we have company over and they don't notice him, but other than that he is adjusting surprisingly well.

Although he can be a little wild at times, he's such a sweet doggie and we can't imagine our lives without him. As evidenced by the pics, he even puts up with the silly things I do to him. Thanks for being such a good boy, Buck!!


clare said...

Just wait until they start playing together! Madeline was so very happy when Jezebel started becoming an active little person instead of a squirmy wobbly baby. They play together with the dog toys. It's so funny when Madeline runs around all frisky crazy and it just cracks Jezebel up and she laughs and falls over. So cute. They play tug-o-war too. Just recently, Jezebel has learned to kind of throw the ball for Madeline...of course, our pup just LOVES this.

Oh, also, Jezebel has started feeding Madeline food. She'll reach over to her and put a cheerio in her mouth..or eye. :) Of course, Madeline is absolutely loving being a little Hoover.

We were worried about bringing Jezebel home and the reactions of the animals, but everything has worked out just fine. The cats love to play with her too. All the animals get hugs for Jezebel and sometimes kisses!

I know one day Madeline will become Jezebel's dog and not pay attention to us anymore. I'm sure she'll sleep in her bed instead of ours. I'm sure it will be the same with Lily and Buck. She'll be his most favorite person in the world. :)

Jamie said...

This post is funny. I don't know how I missed this one before. I love the pictures! That Buck is quite the Fashionista!