Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maiden Voyage

Hi Everyone!

Well, I'm going to see how this whole blogging thing goes. We're currently counting down the days until my due date (Aug. 3) even though I'm afraid little Lily isn't going to come by then. Nothing much to do besides that right now. Hopefully when I go to the doctor on Thursday she will have some encouraging news about our progress, but who knows, right? The two pictures below are of Lily's room and some good ultrasound shots of her cute little face. Josh and I pretty much did all of the room ourselves although Mr. Donald, Josh's dad, did help alot with the construction aspect of putting the room back together after Josh did the demolition. We just can't wait to actually have a little person sleeping in that room across the hall.


Jamie said...

Hooray! You have a blog!! I like the name, "Falcon's Nest." Cute. Speaking of cute, I haven't seen those ultrasound pictures before and they are super cute! She looks sleepy.

clare said...

I still haven't jumped on the bandwagon. I planned to do it about oh...8 months ago at least. Maybe I'll do it soon. I think the day I tried to start one, the one name I picked for the blog was taken. After mild disappointment, I was anti-blog for the day...which soon became 8 months. :)

Hey...I love you. :)